Jeff Being born and raised in the small rural town of Spring Valley, IL alot of time was spent organizing neighborhood activities. Everything from football and baseball games to working on anything mechanical, this being my favorite.

    Influences come in many different forms. Some of my biggest influences have come from my family. Dad, a very mechanically inclined person taught me the meaning of craftsmanship at a very early age. Early on, I can remember him and I chopping bikes, then on to building go carts. When I reached driving age, my brothers Joe and Jim were influencial, with Jim supplying me with most every edition of Hot Rod and Car Craft magazines, which he had obtained from the trade school he was attending at the time. In which I read every one from cover to cover. Joe is a master bodyman and painter and he shot some drop down gorgeous custom paint jobs on some of my earlier street machines. At this time, he also taught me the fundumentals of body work. Mom was always very supportive of our hot rodding heritage, which included offering up prayers many times and hoping one of us didn't hurt ourselves in the process.

    After graduating from high school, I enrolled in college and finished with degrees in drafting/design, auto mechanics, and tool and die making. The tool and die degree enabled me to learn from master toolmakers while working at Westclox and other shops. This highly skilled training was to prove invaluable in the making of J & B Microfinish. After college, I met my wife and things changed for the better. Once our son and daughter were born we decided to put our skills together and start our business. Becky, having studied bookkeeping in college and having work experience in this field has applied these skills to the business. She also takes orders over the phone and through email also answers many customer questions with techinal guidance from me. Our son Jeff is my co-pilot when we drive our 46 Ford hot rod to most every major event. He is also a valuable idea guy, as his ideas include our way out flamed arm rests that have proven to be instrumental in our companies growth. Andrea is helpful around the office and has helped us to learn how to use the confuser or should I say computer, along with other tasks.

    As our business has grown, we have shipped to every state in the U.S. and several foreign countries as well. We are dedicated to producing the finest hot rod accessories on the market, and work hard to please our customers on a personal basis.

    So, feel free to browse through our catalog and the customer car sections of our website. Both sections are loaded with some of the top rods & customs in the nation, displaying our product line in various form.

    We also provide a one-off manufacturing service, which allows not only altering the size and shape of our products, but also allows the builder to have a part scratch built to his or her specifications.

    Please contact us if you have any questions and we will get back to you as soon as we can. We look forward to being part of your project.

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    Jeff & Becky Bertrand