Among some of the people that we have had the opportunity to work with are:

    Roy Brizio Street Rods,
    Fast Lane Rod Shop,
    Mike Goldman Customs,
    Lakeside Rods & Rides,
    Pinkees's Rod Shop,
    Jim Hubbell,
    Sid Chavers Upholstery,
    Everett Gray (Gray's Garage),
    Ron & Karen Wiggins,
    Michael & Rose Young (Street Rods by Michael),
    Larry Seabert (Technicolor Autocrafters, Inc.)
    Randy Clark (Hot Rods & Custom Stuff)
    Jeff Lilly Restorations
    Fast Eddie Hot Rod Shop
    Jim & Pat Talaga
    Tim & Carrie Strange (Strange Motion),
    Mike Riley (Retro Power),
    Burt Litton (Burt Litton Street Rods)
    Bev & Steve West
    Steve & Rhonda Henne,
    Joey Mitilieri, Greg Ancel, Mike Cicero, Dustin Haven,
    John Wargo (The Custom Shop),
    Bob Leake, Terry Woith, Bob Taylor, Frank Fuller, Tom Spaulding
    Brad Brown, Frank Chambers, John Shrewsbury,
    Brian Schraeder, Brett Sandidge, Scott Brownsey, Gordon Woeltje,
    Gerry Grupe, Eric Livingston, John Orlando, Shane Albright,
    Steve Martinez,Jim Blackburn

    All who have had major magazine features, as well as television exposure, high-lighting their talents as well as ours.

    We would also like to thank our past, present, and future customers for the opportunity to manufacture and design quality billet accessories for their innovative and trend-setting creations, with special thanks to our families, Greg Masters, John Ohman, Bill Delfiacco, Brett Welker, Richard & Imogene Brookshire, Tom & Gerry McClellan, Jerry Schwartz.

    Jeff & Becky Bertrand