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#1564 - Vent-I-Plates

Cool vents designed to be placed into the hood sides of 30's rods, which allow cooler engine and passenger compartment temps. Featured in Street Rodder, Rod & Custom, and Rodders Digest.

Polished $199.95

Brushed $189.95

#1861/1865 - Billet Enclosed Wirelooms
These wirelooms completely cover and protect the ignition wires from burning. They have a beautiful ball-milled finish.  They have also been featured in Rod & Custom.

Ball-milled $59.95 pair

#1567 - Connecting Rod Steering Column Drop
This column drop is machined to resemble a racing connecting rod and incorporates a swivel for easy column installation.

Polished $89.95
Brushed $79.95

#1890 - Deuces Wild
Billet 3 Deuce Air Cleaner Assemblies

Finally a billet air cleaner kit for those great looking tri power carbureted engines. This product will be featured on Street Rodder Magazine's new project car the "Rookie Rod".

$275.00 per 3 deuce kit

"Rookie Rod" Story from the June 2000 Street Rodder Magazine.

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