Lakesides's 35 Radster

2006 "Ridler Award" Winner, 2007 America's Most Beautiful Roadster, America's Most Beautiful Street Rod, Goodguys Street Rod d'Elegance & Goldmark Award Winner

The King

2004 "Ridler Award" Winner

NSRA Giveaway 2007

NSRA Giveaway 2003

Pinkee's Rod Shop

A 1933 Ford Roadster "1998 Ridler Award Winner" and a 1933 Chevy Woody "Street Rodder Magazines "Street Rod of the Year Winner"

Everett's Pair of V10 32s

Lakeside's 35 Ford 3 Window

2008 Goodguys Street Rod d'Elegance Winner

Pinkee's Phantom 51

Goodguys "Custom Rod of the Year"

Retro Power 33 Chevy Coupe

J&B Microfinish's 1946 Ford

Phil & Deb's 46 Woody Wagon

The Stonerís Sensational 33 Ford

Gray's 32 3 Window Coupe

Gary's 32 3 Window Coupe

Wiggins RPU

Burman Twin Pack

Custom Classic 56 Chevy

Thumper - 40 Ford Deluxe